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Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems считает, что информация – это новая валюта, которая управляет новым миром.

Самые крупные всемирные бизнес-игроки доверяют Hitachi Data Systems защиту своих данных, которые лежат в основе их бизнеса.

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

Cross-platform Search and Intelligent File Tiering

  • “One search” spans NAS, archive storage and Windows file servers
  • Enables intelligent file tiering to ensure files are placed on the appropriate media at the appropriate time within your tier architectures
  • Streamlines e-discovery and compliance procedures with repeatable processes and audit logs


  • Exclusive search product for Hitachi Content Platform provides deep solution integration
  • E-discovery allows collection per custodian and export with a manifest to early case assessment or litigation tools
  • Content index and search of NetApp Devices Running ONTAP 7.3 and Windows File Servers adds to existing support for Hitachi NAS Platform and HCP
  • Intelligent file tiering is based on metadata and content search results
  • Information discovery finds the right information at the right time, based upon user need
  • Highly efficient indexing technology enables incremental index updates with minimal impact on production systems
  • Integrated access control supports Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP
  • Migrating objects into HCP provides true long-term storage, potentially without the need for recurring tape backups
  • Third-party and custom application integration enables other applications to leverage the indexes and features of HDDS
  • Simplified management integrates with Hitachi Device Manager, which can monitor HDDS
  • Support for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) Servers registers administrative authentication
  • Support for migration of files to HCP via HTTP
  • Support for third-party certificate from CA (Certificate Authority).


  • Lets users easily perform cross-platform search of production and archive environments from a single interface
  • Allows intelligent file tiering technology to migrate data among classes of storage based on file content
  • Reduces backup and restore times, eases the replication burden and reduces the help desk demand for data retrieval
  • Enables proper long-term retention and disposal according to legal or business practices
  • Automates migration of data from Hitachi NAS Platform to Hitachi Content Platform
  • Ensures proper data stewardship and promotes data privacy with directory service integration to let users search for data they have permission to view
  • Reduces the cost of litigation and e-discovery with search and information repurposing
  • Assesses and mitigates risk in file storage practices

Hitachi Unified Storage 100

Требуется решить задачи, связанные с ростом объемов и соглашениями об уровнях обслуживания для разных типов данных, уменьшив при этом затраты и сложности?
Hitachi Unified Storage – единственное семейство систем хранения данных среднего уровня, позволяющих в рамках централизованной платформы консолидировать блочные, файловые и объектные данные и управлять ими.


  • Joint solutions based on QLogic and Hitachi Data Systems technology solve problems in performance, protection and access to business-critical information
  • Together, QLogic and Hitachi Data Systems respond to meet requirements for supporting heavy workloads such as virtualization, high performance computing and data storage consolidation

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Collaboration

  • Supports Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mailbox Availability Group (DAG)
  • Enables our enterprise customers to leverage their Enterprise Microsoft License Agreement
  • Provides predictable and enterprise grade reliability, availability and scalability